A better way to
manage your to-dos

Kanban boards, labels, and estimates
all without ever leaving Basecamp

Add Tracked to Basecamp 3

Tracked is the only project management tool that integrates natively with Basecamp's user interface. Now your team can stay in the app they love to use.

Workflow overview

With the added tool of Kanban Boards you can now understand where your to-dos are in your workflow and prioritize all your To-dos with all your To-do lists. Move to-dos between pipelines and prioritize them in each pipeline. This helps employees understand what to work on and helps you understand the status of a to-do.

Add Labels to to-dos

Now you can add labels to your to-dos to give greater visibility as to what type of to-dos you have. With the ability to categorize them it's easier to prioritze and understand what to-dos to work on.

Pick your tools

Turn on or off tracked Kanban Boards per project to avoid cluttering your Basecamp account. Only use them when you need them.

Monthly Pricing

$3 per user/month
Unlimited users: $60/month

Try Tracked FREE for 30 days

More To Come

This is an extension that works for Basecamp 3 with the Chrome browser only.
It's technically impossible to work with the Basecamp app version. Feel free to write in
if you are looking for any feature in particular or if have any questions!