A better way to manage your Basecamp to-dos

Agile Project Management - Kanban boards, labels, estimates, and reports — all without ever leaving Basecamp

Also available on Firefox

Tracked is the only project management tool that integrates natively with Basecamp's user interface. Now your team can stay in the app they love to use.

Kanban Boards

Add workflows to your to-dos with Kanban boards. View boards made of to-dos and projects.


Add effort estimates to understand how much work each to-do requires to complete.


Labels assigned to to-dos keep track of different statuses helping organize and prioritize your to-dos.

Project Boards

View to-dos for any team/project on a kanban board

User Boards

View any user's assigned to-dos on a kanban board

Account Boards

View all your projects on a kanban board

How it works

Add agile project management to Basecamp in minutes!



Grant Tracked Access for the Basecamp API


All done!

Tracked loads your data automatically! Time to use Tracked and party!

Simple, easy pricing.

Pay for what you need.

Per User

Unlimited users: $60/mo

$3 / mo
  • Unlimited Todos
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Labels
  • Unlimited Estimates

minimum charge: $9/mo why?

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You're in great company.

See what our clients say about us

Because of this product, I don't just complete my tasks - I crush them with ease. I do every job better with it, and my time is saved while doing it.
Chase H. — Inbound Marketing Content Creator
I know exactly where I am at with my project/assignment and what I still have to do. Our team meetings are much shorter because our team knows exactly what page everyone is on and/or if anyone is stuck or overloaded with work.
Winston D. — Clinical Analyst
Tracked has become an essential part of our use of Basecamp for our teams and clients.
Amanda B. — Lead Project Manager


Why is there a minimum charge?

Since we load to-dos from all Basecamp users and projects, not just the users who are using Tracked, we have a minimum price of $9/month. If you have less then 3 users, you will still be charged $9/month.

Which browsers are supported?

Tracked works with the Chrome, Brave, and Firefox browsers as an extension/add-on. You can also view boards on any browser or device (optimized for touch surfaces) by logging into your Tracked admin clicking on Kanban boards.

Does this work with Basecamp 2 or Classic?

Tracked only works with Basecamp 3. There are no plans to support legacy Basecamp versions.

Does this work with the Basecamp app?

Unfortunately, it's technically impossible for us to work with the Windows or Mac app.

You can create a Chrome window shortcut which works just like the Basecamp app. Just write to us if you're not sure how to do that.

Do you have Customer Support?

You can always write any feature requests or possible issues to us at support@trackedhq.com and we will respond as quickly as we can!

What "users" do we have to pay for?

You only need pay for the users that will be using Tracked. You do not need to pay for every user associated with the Basecamp account.

What are you waiting for?

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